Recyclopedia: Your A to Z List of Recyclables

Check out Recyclopedia here.

Do you know the basics of recycling, but still occasionally find yourself holding an item, unsure what to do? You're certainly not alone! Welcome to Recyclopedia - a comprehensive A-Z listing of materials and instructions on proper recycling and disposal. Recyclopedia is complete with links to the resources you need to responsibly manage your waste; protecting the environment and increasing the life of our Central Landfill. 

We need YOU to make Recyclopedia even better!

In an effort to continually expand our materials listing and make Recylopedia the most comprehensive resource possible for RI residents, we're asking you to take it for a test drive.  Can't find what your looking for?  Found it, but initially started with a different search term?  Please let us know.  We're counting on you to help us keep Recyclopedia at its best.

As always, your Department of Public Works is the best place to find out about your local options.  Our Materials Exchange is also a great place for sharing your unwanted items, and keeping them out of the waste stream altogether.

RIRRC is always looking for ways to expand our waste reduction, reuse, and recycling services.  Please note that the instructions here reflect our current program, but future changes (for example, resulting from renovations to our Materials Recycling Facility) will shape Recyclopedia over time.

Check out Recyclopedia here.