It pays to recycle. Per the current municipal contract, a 50-50 share in the profit generated from the sale of in-state recyclables is offered to eligible municipalities as a group. MRF profit share is distributed to those municipalities with executed contracts based on a per ton pro\rata share of municipal recyclables delivered to the MRF.  Per § 23-19-13.1, a 25-25-50 split in the profit generated from the sale of out-of-state recyclables is shared between Resource Recovery (25%), our host community of Johnston (25%) and to all other eligible municipalities, as a group (50%). Profit shares are entirely connected to global commodities market prices for recyclables. As the markets fluctuate, so do the profits.

Approved Uses 

Municipalities must use the recycling profit shares to further enhance and expand their municipal recycling and diversion programs. If you have questions regarding a specific project and whether or not it would be an approved use, let us know. The recycling profit share reporting form, below, is due yearly by August 1 to Resource Recovery, per our municipal contracts

Total Profit Share Amounts by Fiscal Year, to Nearest Dollar

2022: $42,645
2021: $0
2020: $0
2019: $0
2018: $0
2017: $0
2016: $0
2015: $551,775
2014: $1,502,616
2013: $740,626
2012: $1,944,444
2011: $1,866,562
2010: $681,014*
2009: $0
2008: $2,315,928

*2010 does not include $31,513 held due to municipalities with no contract (1) or outstanding balances (1).

You can download profit-share amounts for each FY, broken down by municipality, below.