Electronic Waste

Extended Producer Responsibility

Per § 23-24.10computers (including monitors, computer towers, laptops and tablets) and TVs are banned from landfill disposal, and the manufacturers who sell these items in Rhode Island must fund their recycling.  Manufacturers can download their shares, below. 

State Program

Resource Recovery offers free recycling for computers (including monitors, computer towers, laptops and tablets) and TVs to RI households and K-12 schools (public and private) as part of the state program during our hours of operation. We do not accept peripherals (keyboard, mouse, printer) nor other electric or electronic items. 

Other Programs

There are other e-waste collection programs in RI, in addition to the state program. Check out http://atoz.rirrc.org/items/e-waste for details. 

Non-Residential / Non-School E-Waste Recycling

Other businesses, non-profits, and institutions can recycle a small amount (fewer than 15 complete systems) of accepted TVs and computers at Resource Recovery during operating hours for a fee. To recycle more than 15 systems, download a list of commercial e-waste recyclers below.