Leaf & Yard Debris

Pick-up or Drop Off

Each city/town in Rhode Island has leaf and yard debris instructions for its residents. You can find your local info at http://atoz.rirrc.org/items/leaf-yard-debris. If you want to pay for a pick-up service beyond what your city/town offers you can download an A-Z list of haulers here, and ask haulers who accept it for their acceptance criteria. More than half of all leaf and yard debris come to Resource Recovery, and you can find our acceptance criteria here. All Rhode Islanders are also welcome to bring their leaf and yard debris directly to Resource Recovery during normal operating hours for a fee with an accepted form of payment

Do-It-Yourself Composting

Leaf and yard debris is the easiest material to compost right at home, school, or work. Composting where you are not only saves on collection costs and reduces collection trucks on the road, it also gives you wonderful compost to use on your lawn, grounds, or garden. You can learn how to compost leaf and yard debris here.

Get Resource Recovery Compost

Resource Recovery composts much of the state’s leaf and yard debris, and we turn into a Class A Rhode Island compost (see 8.8.01) that is safe and effective for all uses. It is also approved by the RIDEM using USDA standards for use in certified organic growing. Learn how you can get some here!