MOTUS Wildlife Tracking System

Resource Recovery works diligently to protect our surrounding environment and the animals that inhabit it. In August 2022, we became the newest host of a radio receiver as part of the Motus Wildlife Tracking System program.

The Motus Wildlife Tracking System is a collaborative project that uses a shared network of automated radio telemetry receivers to detect small nanotags worn by birds, bats, insects, and other animals. The Central Landfill is an ideal location for the tracking system due to our open landscape and height which is 560 feet above sea level. The receiving station has a detection range up to 15km which is just over 9 miles. The data collected by the receiving station at Resource Recovery is available to researchers and the public to learn about the migratory patterns and full life cycles of various animal species.  Detections made by the receiver at the Central Landfill can be viewed on Motus's website