Compost (for leaf & yard debris)

From yard “waste” to black gold in four-to-six months, flat. Resource Recovery processes about 40,000 tons of leaf and yard debris each year, through an aerobic (in the presence of oxygen) windrow (row-like pile) process. It begins when paper leaf and yard bags and their contents are chipped up using a tub grinder. This ground material then moves through a series of windrows with help from a turner that mixes them from the inside out to provide necessary oxygen, and to cool the piles. Watering trucks are also used to add moisture to the piles when necessary.  Compost is tested to confirm that it has fully matured, and is then screened to create the finished product.  Check out the virtual tour!

Through this process, we turn much of RI’s leaf and yard debris into a Class A Rhode Island compost (see 8.8.01) that is safe and effective for all uses. It is also approved by the RIDEM using USDA standards for use in certified organic growing. Click here for information on how to get some!

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In addition to the virtual tour, the Compost Operation is one of the stops on our facility tours. You can also download “A Guide to Resource Recovery” here, containing more information about all of our operations.