Materials Recycling Facility (for bin / cart recyclables)

Star screens, and magnets, and optics, oh my! Our award-winning Materials Recycling Facility (MRF-pronounced ‘murf’) uses a combination of mechanics, optics, and yes, people, to sort mixed recyclables into distinct products. After its 2012 renovation into a “single-stream” facility, processing paper, cardboard, and containers together, RI’s MRF won the 2013 Gold Award in Recycling Systems  from the Solid Waste Management Association of North America (SWANA). It was featured as Resource Recycling magazine’s MRF of the Month in June of 2012. Check out the virtual tour!

RI’s MRF is one of the largest in New England, processing both residential and commercial recyclables from the entire state. Every day, approximately 90 trucks deliver roughly 450 tons of material to the MRF. After sorting, these materials are shipped around the globe where they are re-manufactured into a wide variety of products—saving money, conserving natural resources, and extending the life of the Central Landfill.

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In addition to the virtual tour, Resource Recovery offers on-site tours of the MRF, as well as the entire Resource Recovery facility. You can also download “A Guide to Resource Recovery” here, containing more information about all of our operations.